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Torch Coral Questions - funny tentacles

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Your correct there, The wall varieties are hard to keep and when theres something wrong, you loose the whole lot. I have two wall hammers and both have done the same thing. Fine for months then one day look like crap and seem to slowly die off. I won't get another wall hammer, no matter how nice they look!


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@fr499y glad you said that, the wife loves as she calls them the wavy ones, so I bought a hammer and a torch. Both went into the tank both looked great for about two months and then suddenly both looked terrible. Tried everything I could think of even to repositioning but no avail. Read about brown jelly disease but that wasn't evident. I knew they could sting if too close to other corals so made sure they were well apart, the lighting was good. Spoke to a few others and the LFS and it was put down to they just weren't happy in the tank.
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I had a massive wall hammer and one day it just dissolved no reason at all. Yet my other not so big wall hammer is absolutely fine and lives side by side with a Frogspawn I had no sign of disease


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