Damaged acan

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I think my tuxedo urchin has pulled my acan frag from my rock work as I've found it on the sand bed and I've seen it happen before. However, this time the polyps appear to have been torn from the skeleton (sorry for poor picture quality). Could this just be from being dragged around by the urchin or do you think it's from something else? What can I do to help it recover? It was doing well before.


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Could well be.  They're pretty indiscriminate over what they spike.  Not much to be done if it's torn.  It will either manage to survive and repair itself, or it may be too far gone.  Time will tell.  Stick it down to stop it getting knocked over, as that'll help.

Snails and hermits also tend to know stuff over.



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Thanks, fingers crossed it recovers.


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My blenny took a bite out of the side of mine. It seem to have started to repair its self. Hopefully yours does too.


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