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Hi, just wondering if anyone's got any experience with zetlight lancia2. I've upgraded from the aqua one light that came with the tank (200 litres). It's not so much regarding setting the lights up, which seems to be fairly straightforward it's more to do with settings of the different colours. There doesn't seem to be much support or even other people's experiences anywhere as there seems to be for example the hydra 26 lights.
Many thanks


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I have not but definitely looks like an interesting option 


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Heard of them but don't know much about them.  Looks like it would give a nice light spread over the whole tank.

Do you have a specific question?  And what do you keep/want to keep in the tank?

If it's the one I've just looked up it looks to have UV, royal blue, blue and cool white, so it should be fairly simple to get good results.

One thing that would help if you're trying to keep corals is having a PAR meter.  The cheapest way to get one is using a second hand Seneye Reef. I got one on ebay for about £30.



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