what light system is this ?

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Hi all I am sorry if this is in the wrong part of the website I am new to the site and also to marine life. I have not long brought my first marine tank and the old owner has no idea what light system this is and gave me no manual on how to work it and he has never used it him self. I have uploaded some photos could someone please help me find the make and model so i can try download the instructions please thanks .


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Morning,  welcome to ReefBase.

Well that's a Tunze powersupply, but it's not one of their lights that I recognise.  Are there any other bits of text written on/in the remote or around the display on the unit?

It could also be that somebody just repurposed a Tunze powersupply.

edit- yeah that's the powersupply from a Tunze 6105 wavemaker, so not the original one for that light.
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thanks for getting back to me mate and yes your correct that is off my wave maker the old owner helped me set my tank up and it seems her may have plugged the wrong power pack onto my lights as I found the wave maker plugged into this power pack it has the same plug on it think this light may be a copy or got the wrong power pack ?


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