Sanrise wifi LED lights

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Hi all

New to reef keeping & I'm wondering if you can help
Just brought a complete ready to go tank & We have a Sanrise Wifi LED which has it's own router , no problem connecting my phone & manually controlling the lights via the smart controller app.
I've worked out how to set the parameters & set the timer , now the light did dim down & eventually go off at midnight & was off this morning before going to work.
I was hoping the light came on at 2pm or start to show signs of coming but nothing
Now the question ,because i have to connect my phone directly to the router does my phone need to be connected to it at all times for this to work? meaning whilst I'm away from home will it stop the Schedule ,timer, app from working or do i have to set something with in the app or change something for this to work?

Also what is the preferred method of lighting as it looks like wifi router LED's have limited info on them on the net & i'm starting to think these are not popular? , is there an easier way / better solution to have a timed light

Cheers guys


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