Red spectrum light important?

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I have a  V2 TMC Illuminaire set on my DT and have been reticent to use the red LED's on it because:
1. It looks crap imho
2. Will encourage algae to grow there.
What I want to know is: should I actually introduce some red? Is it needed/beneficial?


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Hi SR, in general no it's not beneficial.  Too much red has been shown to bleach coral.

There is some evidence that corals use red light to sense how close to the surface they are.  I guess that would cause them to grow more horizontally than upwards, but I haven't seen proof that actually happens in the aquarium.

The main reason for not using a lot of red, as you say, is that it looks a bit cack.  A little does make some fish look nicer.
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Long ago when we used Halides and Tubes after about a year the gas would cause the spectrum to shift to red,this would often I was told cause nuisance algae.
My LED unit has one or two red LEDs  which I guess is OK.


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I also have have a v2 TMC Lumiaire the 600 model i do use a little red in me sunrise and sunset but not alot of red my whites and blues are more intense  :glad:


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Its beneficial if you want to have a refugium or Macroalgae dominant tank. Otherwise not so much as others have said



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