Mars aqua leds

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Hi everyone.

My tank is 6months old (new to marine) 32x18x24 currently stocked with a few fish, couple of mushrooms and zoa's but wanting to get some lps etc and realise my current lighting ( fluval sea marine and reef 32w led) is barely cutting it now let alone for what i want to stock it with.

Ive been looking and researching the mars aqua leds and they seems perfect especially for my budget.

My only question is would the 165w or 300w be suitable?


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You'll probably need the bigger one or two of the smaller ones to cover the length. They are very good lights for the money I used to have them until I upgraded to Maxspects for my new 6ft tank. When you first get them go very slow with the ramping up of their power.

This document gives the par ratings for the 165w version so it might be good to look at how much light different parts of your tank will get to help with coral placement and light settings:



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Thanks ChrisHibs, Ive ordered the 300w, thanks for the link too :)


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