Lights - not happy with them - help

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Hello, I’m really hoping you guys can help me.  I need advice from people who really know what they’re taking about.
My husband upgraded to  a new tank last weekend  - a red sea 650 peninsula. It’s being used as a room divider between open plan kitchen/dining/living room. There is a bracket suspended from the ceiling housing x4 AI Hydra 52 lights. And therein is the problem.
The lights have been active since midweek and I cannot live like this. He insists this is just how it is and how it needs to be. But I am finding it unbearable. Especially in the evenings once it’s dark outside and we have just the regular house lights on. The open plan downstairs just glows neon blue. It’s so bright. I’m not exaggerating when I say our living space is neon lit - the white plates glow while having dinner, everything is neon. I suffer migraines, am additionally concerned about light damaging mine and my children’s eyes. 
I’ll atatch some photos of the set up. The fish and corals aren’t in yet, there still in the old tank - just live rock and a few softies are in the new one so far while it cycles.
Am I being unreasonable to say that this set up just doesn’t seem right and that the living room shouldn’t glow neon because of the lights from the tank.
What can we do?  He says it just needs to be like this or ‘just get rid of the whole thing’. Surely there is something we can change to fix this, surely not everyone lives like this? Please help.  If I want it to change I need to come up with a solution but without having the knowledge that he does of fishkeeping it’s difficult for me to suggest solutions that will work.  Thanks.


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Daytime view


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Anyone? Please?


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What sort of schedule are the lights running at the mo ? There are some downloadable presets into the AI owners thread within lighting section of the forum , you could have a browse to see how they compare .


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Hi @JardimOne

I don't think the blue light will damage anyones eyes, but I know it can be annoying! THe main problem we have is the tank reflects on our TV screen.

My suggestion is to use the MyAI app to setup a schedule something like I have:

The lights come on at 7 with a very dim blue glow. It ramps up to full brightness about 12:00 for a few hours.  Then it fades down to a very dim blue glow at 8 and completely off by 10PM.

This schedule grows corals like acros, montis etc no problem.  And the good thing is that you still get to see the fluorescence, it's just not so overpoweringly bright.


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Unfortunately that’s how it is with a peninsula style tank (looks great by the way)

There are some studies into blue light hurting your eyes but tbh I think you do more damage looking at monitors and cell phones.

There is a option you could think about and that’s getting a carpenter it tank builder to fabricate you a inclosed hood to cover the top half.

Hope you resolve your issue because it is a very nice looking setup.



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Although it looks lovely as it is, perhaps you might want to think about some sort of hood to cover the top of the tank and lights.  I have seen some tanks where they have a hood going right to the ceiling in the same material as the base and they look  really nice,

This would stop a lot of the light bleeding into the room.  I guess you would still get some blue from the tank its self, but you could control that more with schedules and settings on the app


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Hi, @JardimOne

You're right you shouldn't have to tolerate that.

As said, don't worry about eye damage, it might look unpleasant because it's not what you'd want of an evening but there's not a huge amount of UV or Infrared light output. Those are the risky wavelengths.

The vast majority of the light that's lighting up the room is what's bouncing out stray above the water's surface. There won't be nearly as much exiting the tank's glass through the water.

Therefore a shield would help greatly. A wooden frame that sits on top of the tank and goes down a couple of inches, and an inch or so below the waterline, and up above the sides of the light unit. That'll shield most of the stray light and your room should be far better. It'll also help you see the tank's contents much easier without being dazzled directly by the lights.
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I have the same problem in my hall way. Not too bad though

The only thing I can think of is having sides coming from the light so that it can't bleed out


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