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Hiya, Ive got a 4 tube T5 lighting unit at the moment and was looking to change it to LEDs as soon as I get some money together, Is there any lighting units anyone recommends as I'm a bit confused as some LED units start from like £70 but others are in excess of £1000.....

Whats the difference between them all?


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@Mike will be the best person to explain this, I believe he has got Maxspect Razors and they look awesome, thats what I'm aiming to upgrade my T5s to at christmas..

When I spoke to my LFS the ones they sold were £160 but they guy said only for decorative purposes really and they wouldn't provide enough lighting for corals etc really and that my T5s were better than them...


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If you go to the Marine hardware section there is a post called Lighting which explains all the different types of lighting :)


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Hi, Li5a.

By far the best LEDs for your money are the Maxspect R420r units. They're very well made, use cree leds and look awesome. They'll also be plenty bright enough for even anemones and SPS corals.

There are cheaper LED units out there, but they won't use the good CREE or Bridgelux LEDs, so they won't be as bright, cover the same spectrum or last as long. They also look pretty awful and need mounting in awkward ways, like The Aquaray LED tiles or strips, they're a little cheaper, but not nearly as good.

I got my two 10,000k 160w razors from charterhouse aquatics, they offer "points" on purchases, which is just money off future purchases, so as the razors are price locked at £399, you won't get them cheaper than that anywhere, but from charterhouse, you get points which act as money off for next time. :)
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Mike is 100% right, the maxspect razor is pure value for money. a simple programmable light which throws more than enough light out. its also very good looking sitting on top of the tank. I have a 160W 16 000K and i love it

10/10 in my books and would recommend them all day long !!



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