Led choices do you use them

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I'm sure this will start some heated debate but il ask anyway due to complete revamp of my tank thanks to all on previous info but now unfortunately I have to ask about leds soon as somehow the misses has been inticed by lower bills ( id like to know who's filling her with this sort of information quite happy with if it's not broke don't fix it  :evil-plan: )

So does anyone use them are they as good as they say any help or advice greatly appreciated

Must add have looked at a few units but due to as said complete revamp on the tank budget getting lower and am not looking at spending thousands so arghhh help

Many thanks in advance


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I found these vids quite good for all the info on the different light sources

I use LED'S myself as do alot of others on here too , I use AI hydra 26hd's , IMO you get what you pay for with LED lighting and with the vast difference in price from one end of the scale to the other it really does come down to your budget .



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I have used all sorts,right now I am of the opinion that if you want to keep SPS that ime and I must say others have had differing experiences,they dont cut it. Ive had two different LED dedicated units and had various problems I never got with Halide T5 mixes that I had my most success.

It all depends what you want to keep. LED are perfectly fine for LPS or soft corals but imo if you want to keep SPS you need to go down the mixed route incorporateing some T5 tubes.

The most amazing hard coral tanks are under only T5 tubes.

With halide lights and with tubes they must be changed frequently and the halides generate lots of heat ,the tubes do a bit but not so much.

So it all boils down to what you want to keep and yes the electric is a factor,I did give up marines at one point because of the cost of the lights.


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Thank you both carol and gav

I must add currently I was using halide and t5 before and didn't really have many issues just a few in my choice of placement. Which is obviously easily sorted..

from a lot of the videos it seems it's not just a choice of the led equipment you are using it seems the settings you have make the massive impact to survival, growth as well as placement on each individuals needs

Wow lots more to learn there I think I do like the idea of energy savings being passed on to my pocket but I guess it's he question of time and understanding of lighting too  :S


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If I won the lottery belive me id lob the LED unit for the marines out the window and go back old school  :o

No probs in the freshwater tanks tho ...


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I just setup the evergrow it 2107-b leds I got from Joe.  They are bright gotta work out the controls later to ramp up n down . I had thought about two sets of these eventually have got them next to my mars/Chinese ones at the moment. I might invest in some t5 lights to have a mix  as this looks the way forward.

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