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kent marine 97lt tank

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hi all need advice on my tank not happy with the light set up as I can only turn the white and blue lights over when ime at home ok for fish atm but in the future I want to start doing corals just basic ones and anemones.
so can anyone either show me how they mod the hood for better lighting or advise me on a Nano light which will auto change.
was looking at this
any ideas please thanks all.
was thinking of cutting this into the hood as don't want open tank bed right next to tank and will blind me.
also found this
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Hi neither of them are any good for a anemone I’m afraid, they need good light unlike most soft corals.

You will need to look at something like the kessil or ai prime if you want a anemone.



  • Andy
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Can you give us a link or pic of your tank so we know what space in the hood/mounting points we are working with?  I can't find a Kent 97L one,  there is a 94L version on amazon, is it that?


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sry yes thought it was 97  ty


  • Graeme
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Search for Kent 94L on here and you'll find several threads discussing various upgrades people have made to these tanks.  Might give you some ideas.
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