HELP NEEDED ASAP iLumenAir v2 900

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I have a iLumenAir v2 900 that was programmed for me and i have never used the controller.
i did some maintenance on my tank today and hit the off but to remove the lights.
now i can get it to switch on i think the controller is broken as all buttons register with the remote part on the light but the 4th row going down ( run. rest, light, storm, demo, 24/12,  +, these buttons dont make the infrared bit flash like the others.
i have ordered a new controller.
but i am worried about my corals as the lights are not on.

does anyone have any info on how i can get the lights back on.
or even someone local that could help ?

any help appreciated



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How long is the expected delivery time?  I wouldn't be too worried about a couple of days.  I've done 8 days blackout before when treating for dinos, I wouldn't recommend it, but nothing died. Just everything browned out a fair bit.  It did come back over time.

Whereabouts are you?

Adam Smith

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Thanks for the reply,

I ended up buying the Zedlight wifi controller so i can use my phone.

also makes setting the light levels easier


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