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Decent light for Cheato

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Hi All

I currently have my Cheato in a  DD reactor with some red-red-red-red-red-blue led strips.  Growing th cheato fine and im always having to trim it back.

The new tank has a perfect space in the sump (it's an AIO) to put the cheato so im looking to do that rather than have the reactor just to simplify things.  Im kind of looking for a decent light option though.

The area that im planning to house the cheato is around 6" x 18" so much deeper than it is wide.  For this reason im thinking that it would be better to have a light on the back of the sump rather than the top.  Would you all agree with that?

Also, im after recommendations for a decent cheap light.  Not much space behind the tank so nothing too big.  I was perhaps thinking about something like but it's a little pricey for a basic fuge light and i think its going to be a real pain to get in the UK.

Anyone seen anything similar?  Or do i just buy more led strips and stick them onto the back of the tank?




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Reply #1

That's a cool idea velcroing it to the back of the tank in this configuration

I had a hunt around and can't find anything that's quite the same, i guess your idea of using those 5050 LED strips would work just as well though if you can find a good way to stick them on. Another plus point for those is that they are waterproof, I personally am a clumsy fecker so wouldn't want anything hanging off the back that could be ruined by a few drips of saltwater getting in.


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