Can’t conect to LEDzeal app

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Hi all I bought a Malibu S200  LED light today second hand , no controller but I was assured that these don’t come with controller as they are an optional extra due to the fact you can download an app to control this light! Ok ! But I can’t connect to the app 1st I go onto google play from my iPhone and find the LEDzeal app then I press on the app and it says I have no device connection so it won’t let me download the app! Ok so I turn the WiFi onto the light then go back to the app press download and it just keeps buffering! Because I’ve took the WiFi of my internet and put it on light? So I just can’t win!! Then I find the zeal app in apple store, ok great stuff! It all looks good and I can do everything but it won’t let me send the information to the light?!?  And I’ve tried it with my WiFi connected to the light and I’ve tried it with my WiFi connected to my internet and the send button won’t work!
So now I have what looks like a great light on my tank but I have no way to control it, can’t find no controller on internet just what’s on LEDzeal website and they don’t have a buying system on there it just seems to be information on their products
I’m not happy at the minute!
Can anybody help


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Warranty- Ledzeal
Contact them and see if they can help


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I have but there not replying!!
Just had the person around who I bought it off and for over an hour we tried but it seems to be connected to his google account in some way!


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I dont know of you have sorted but o had the same problem.

Mine is sorted now but I got my app from this link.

If your not sorted give this ago and it should sort it for you.

Ledzeal Malibu S plus series App(.apk) for Android  (4.2 and above)- Ledzeal


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