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Anyone using It2060 lights?

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Does anyone use the above lights? If so what settings do you have them on?
Alot of my sps and lps fade or bleach after I have bought them. I'm using triton with vinegar dosing since Christmas but I've had this problem for longer than that. Kh and mag is good, calcium slightly high but coming down with water changes.
Potassium and boron was low on last test but this was sorted six weeks ago and I'm doing water changes to reduce levels of zinc.
Phosphate shows as 0 on home test kit but 0.018 on triton test and nitrate shows as 0.1 on salifert test, although I have patches of turf algae which I believe must be using nitrates and phosphate to grow.
I have reduced my light settings to a max of 18% white 40%blue over time. I have just bought a purple monti so I will see if that starts to fade over the next month. It is placed next to a green monti which has been slowly fading over the past month or so.
I feed a pinch of flake in the morning, a cube of mysis in the evening and 5ml of salifert coral food a day.
Any ideas on how I can get my corals to colour up or what else could cause them to bleach are welcome.


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