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We are not hanging around !

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Well... That Escalated Quickly!

Around 18 months ago, we identified a hole in the market for an attractive yet practical hanging bar product that would allow reefers to suspend lighting systems above their aquariums without turning their living rooms into a cheap looking Star Wars set.The thing is, we're not afraid to say things have gotten slightly out of hand... (in a good way).

When we first designed the hanging bar, we didn't actually consider just how popular it would be with aquarists, and we'd like to start by saying a big "THANKS" (look, we even used caps lock) to all our customers who have bought it so far.

Unfortunately, demand for the product is currently heavily outweighing supply, to the point where we're constantly receiving phone calls for updates on the product's progress. It wouldn't be an iQuatics product, however, if it didn't take time, effort and care to produce, so as you can imagine we wouldn't want to rush it.

With this in mind, we have now set up a pre-order functionality at our website, which means we can ensure you'll get one of a batch manufactured approximately 4-6 weeks after the date of order. Rest assured we will be keeping you updated with regards to your order as regularly as possible.

Turning the Tide on Algae with iQuatics Bio Pearls

As we've been banging on about for quite a few weeks now, Bio Pearls, the latest addition to the iQuatics family of products, are now available.

Why iQuatics Bio Pearls?
iQuatics Bio Pearls are the answer to the aquarists (easily solvable) prayers; they help to remove nitrate and phosphate (two of the biggest contributing factors of algae accumulation) from the water using a fluidised reactor. Bio Pearls help to prevent the growth of algae and other waterborne undesirables by creating a bacteria on their surface which then helps to dispose of your unwanted nitrates and phosphates.

This effectively helps to keep your tank clear of unsightly gunk (and yes, that is the official industry term) in the long run.

Our Bio Pearls come in 250ml, 500ml & 1000ml tubs, so everyone can see what a difference they make, regardless of tank size.

250ml-Only £12.99

  Take a look

500ml-Only £19.99

  Take a look

1000ml-Only £39.99

  Take a look

Of course it wouldn't be an iQuatics email without some friendly advice, which you can feast your eyes on by Clicking Here