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throwing myself into the deep... well a fluvo 13.5

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Hi 👋  im Sampson

I've not run a tank on my own before , ive helped friends and family with theres and decided I wanted to get my own tank, went against the advice of " you should try fresh water first as its easier " and went straight to salt water.
I got a Fluval 13.5 ( 52L ) with a built in compartment for filter, return pump and then a built in space for the nano protein skimmer , and lights.

I've aquascaped the tank with
6 rocks ( a large man made purple one, 1 live rock , 4 dry rock in various shapes  ),  2 empty turban snail shells ,  a empty small tridacna gigas shel, live sand and some gravel.
and then filled it with salt water from a local aquarium tank.

I was using the Fluval sea Mini PS2... although this did not work at all... to the point where I called  in the local guy from the aquatic shop and even he was confused but we came to the conclusion that its faulty or broken so im on the hunt for a new one or a replacement.

I've been using the Red Sea ' reef mature starter kit ' and i'm on day 10, I've had no algae as of yet  and have done 2 x 10% water change one with just salt water, the other was 1/2 ROA water and salt water ( as the salinity was high )
the tank is kept in the kitchen away from the oven etc and out the way of direct sunlight.

ive done some tests today and I'm sat with these results  ( I use the Salifert test sets )

temperature : 25.5C
Salinity : 1.027 D / 35%0
PH : 8.53
Kh / ALK : 10.2 DKH // 3.65 men/L
Ca: not result
NH3: <0.15
No2: 1
No3 : 50
Mg : 1440
water appearance : clear
water level : 32.5 L

so... what to do, what to do ... ?  any advice, tips or things you think I need to do to get my self to where I need to be  where I can add fish etc ?
thanks all ! 🐠


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Hi SouthLondonNanoReef, welcome to ReefBase  8D

Nice start on the tank.  From memory the Redsea starter kit has a sort of time line in the instructions for what to do on each day, are you following that?


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hey @ajm83 

Thanks :) yeah I'm on day 10 today :
check and adjust salinity & temp
it says that the test should be as follows ;
ammonia 0ppm , nitrite 0ppm , nitrate 10ppm
and then to add the dosage of bacto start, nitro back , no3:po4x , and kh-coralline gro.

it says to add the clean up crew today... but wouldn't the clean up crew need some sort of debris to clean up ? (  I thought they would die if there isn't any fish poop or ... to live )


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they will eat any algae/detrius thats settling.