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Hi guys, new to reef keeping. Have kept freshwater for many years.. looking for some advise. started cycle on my tank DT- 120ltrs, sump 40ltrs. on 27th March using 20 kg macro rock carabean live sand. RODI water. And Aquacare bio boost. Added 3 frozen prawns & been ghost feeding every other day. So far my Ammonia readings are 0.25,, for last 7 tests. nitrite 0.2 and nitrate 10.the sameWas, just concerned I’m not on the right path as I’ve not had any ammonia/nitrite spikes.Any advise would be appreciated.


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Hi and welcome to the forum

I would say you have overloaded the system with the prawns and ghost feeding. You need to keep ammonia under 2ppm or the cycle will stall.
If you can find the prawns remove them and stop feeding until your ammonia hits zero. If it still doesn’t budge you might need to do a water change to help it.



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Will give that a try. Thanks Tim