new RSM tank problems

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hi new to this forum its great to be here have a 250 liter RSM Max and am having real problems keeping specific fish alive angelfish and butterflies dont stay alive more than 4- 7 days for me, i have wrasses and shrimp and they are thriving . I just dont get it have tried everything have low phosphates around 0.2 nitrtates around 40 a bit high but i heard shrimp were sensitive to high nitrates. have had the tank for 3 -4 months now bought a second hand  tank with fish and rock . Because of renovations at home had to wait a few weeks to start it up at home. i have 2 wrasses a six line and a yellow wrasse that are fine and a fox face . This is really frustrating i feel like giving up any help or thoughts ideas would be greatly appreciated   Thank u for your expertise and fine site


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Butterfly fish can be hard to keep. Very specific diets. I'd give them a miss if you can. What angels have you tried? Seems odd to lose them in such short time. Have you checked your water for heavy metals, etc?
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