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My names Tom and I've just recently started a marine nano tank. I have a little basic experience in fish keeping from watching my dad as a child but I've only recently taken the hobby up for myself after some 20 years away from it after my dad got rid of his tank.
I've got a Fluval Evo 52l  using the stock lighting, Fluval M50 heater, Hydor Korelia Nano Evolution 900, and Upgraded return pump to Ehiem CompactON 1000 with a RFG on the outlet. I've ditched the standard sponge filter and built my own media baskets for chambers one and two. Currently have filter sponge and carbon bag in chamber one with bio media in chamber two. I'm stocking 2 clowns, and cleanup crew of 4 scarlet hermits and 4 turbo snails. For corals, I have two zoa frags and a green star polyp frag. Everything is looking well and water parameters are stable but I've now reached the limit of my basic understanding.

I'm mainly looking for basic advice on aquarium improvements and stocking, or on pitfalls I may encounter as I begin to get experience in this new hobby. I look forward to contributing to the community.




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Hi @Hadge52 welcome to ReefBase

Have you got any pics of your tank? Love these little Evos,  I used to have the precursor - the Spec V which was 19L. 


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Welcome to ReefBase!

From a stocking point of view you can probably manage another small fish - something like a goby could be an idea (good characters and will stay in a different part of the tank to the clowns)

Some other softie corals would be good in the set-up - kenya trees or leathers can make nice features. You could also look at something like a Rainbow Anenome too - look cool and your clowns might even host it (if you do choose an anenome add it before you have too many other corals in the tank as it will move around the tank looking for somewhere it likes to settle and won't care less about your carefully crafted reef!)


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Hey, welcome fellow Manchester inhabitant.  :lol:
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