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Tank has been delivered, and I visisted our local marine shop in leicester to get the pipework that is needed to plumb it all in however he didn't have the 40mm fittings i needed in stock, i've got all the 32mm return pipework, valves, reducers, etc, but still need the 40m bulkhead connectors, pipework and elbows etc....

Question....: can i use screwfix Floplast 40mm solvent weld waste pipe, or is it not suitable.

I then need to get from 20mm pvc-u pipe on the return, via valve to phosphate reactor, and connect to their supplied green pipe.  what sort of connector do i need?

finally the return pipework and the return head which comes through the weir is in 32mm.  can i buy a duck bill head for this or do i need to make my own?

Thanks as always!
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