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Hello from Lancashire

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Hello all,

Just found this forum after a quick search, been in the hobby a while now, started with Tropical .... then moved to Malawi's ... after a failed attempt of Marine about 15years ago I decided to take the plunge again about 2.5years ago.

This time things went a little smoother ... Still had some hic ups and learning curves .... but now have 2 great tanks..... I'll post a few pics and maybe a timeline build a little later.

looking forward to reading up on everyone's experiences and helping out where possible!

See you on the forums



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Hi @Danants
Welcome to ReefBase  8D

. Still had some hic ups and learning curves ....

Haha,  think we've all had a few of those. Look forward to seeing your setup 👍


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Glad you found us  *D
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