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Good Afternoon all,

firstly thank you for allowing me to join this excellent forum and secondly a quick introduction from myself.

Having given up keeping marines in the late 80's due to a number of circumstances I am now dipping my toes back into the salty stuff and intend to build a nano reef  set up, however many things have changed in over thirty years and I look forward to catching up with all the advances within the hobby since that time.

I have opted for the Newa more reef 30 as my base tank as I really do not have the space for anything larger and my intention is to keep things as simple as possible to avoid mistakes and errors in the hope that I will in time produce a well cared for mini reef with a selection of corals, clean up crew and perhaps the odd fish or two.

I welcome any handy hints and advice regarding my choice of tank , good or bad and would be most grateful for any info regarding test kits for setting up & maintaining optimal water conditions prior to introducing any livestock.

Thanks folks and I look forward to diving into all the topics within the forum and increasing my knowledge.




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Hi, @MarkG

Welcome to ReefBase:glad:
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The land shark

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Im personally not familiar with that tank but good luck!


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hello there
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Hi. I have also recently joined the hobby and funnily enough I have the exact same tank.
Ive been having some trouble sourcing filter parts and a new light power adapter. So if you have anywhere in the UK where you can get these from please let me know.
Ive not found anyone on this site with a nano tank as nano as ours so hopefully we can have some usefully hints and tips for each other.
Good luck with it all


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