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Is this what I think it is,
Asternia starfish ,quite large considering what I've usually noticed before,
I've searched all oround the tank and live coral and so far only seen this one so think it's a stowaway on the live rock.
So .....
1. I don't want an outbreak of it. I leave him in there .
3.are they really as bad as people say.
4. Do I get rid of it now or leave him be
What you reckon guys on this little bugger .


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Normally not an issue at all. Good detrivores
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Those are cute, I get population blooms of them now and again. These ones dont harm anything, although some people find them ugly
[size=78%]You need to be careful of the darker ones, I dont believe they eat coral itself but have seen them consume the remnants of Zoas that Nudi branches have eaten. [/size]



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The dark ones / red patterned backs, definitely munched a number of my single zoa frags. Sat and watched a few nights to catch them at it. White ones just eat algae off the glass. I pull 5 out per day and pop them to live in my copepod tank, to keep on top of them.

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