Need help with identifying this outbreak (corals dying)

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Still looks like turf algae of some kind to me.

If I can make a suggestion, don't drive nitrate or phosphate to zero. Make sure you're getting a reading on both even if it's 0.01 otherwise you will end up with dinos.

You will be begging to get your turf algae back in that case! 

I'm not sure what to suggest for the turf, the only thing I can think of that hasn't already been suggested is UWC Vibrant.  That stuff worked very well for me, but it is insanely expensive.

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The colour could be misleading , maybe an off shoot of not enough of one nutrient or another , hence harder to ID , when I started carbon dosing and levels dropped to minimums my algaes went through a few different colours before ending up a clear/white and dying back .
 Although with the turf algae i'd not have thought  it would be brushed off with a toothbrush as it takes a good hold to the rock , turf can normally be pinched out firmly with the fingers in small clumps.

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My Algae filter Chaetomorpha (Spaghetti) is being suffocated as well... most of it is dead I think


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