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id possibly algae

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hi guys,
still feeling this marine tank thing out thanks for all your help so far!!, you guys have been spot on with everything so far, i have this growth in the tank on one rock and i cant find anything about it anywhere online, if anyone could id it and let me know if its safe to stay in or if i should get shot asap



  • Graeme
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Reply #1

Has it grown since you've had the tank?  If so, it's probably a calcareous algae (likely harmless).

If it came on the rocks, it's more likely green hair algae that has bleached due to being in the dark during transport.


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Reply #2

rock has been in the tank about 6 weeks now, only noticed it recently howver we did move the rocks around


  • Andy
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I had some bryopsis which went a bit like that where it was shaded. 
I can't make out the structure of the plant, but if you find it greens up and starts growing into sort of fern or feather like shapes, you might want to post new pics up to confirm the ID. If it is bryopsis, you'll want to hit it with fluconazole ASAP to avoid it spreading all over the tank.  But no need for that yet, just keep an eye on it  ;)


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will try and get some better shots later phone isnt the greatest but will see what i can do lol


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