Water Storage and mixing

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Hi all,

New to mixing my own salt water. Sorted a RODI unit but wondering what storage containers and mixing containers everyone uses for storing their water and mixing salt water? Size? And where did you get them?



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I have a large plastic plasters bucket from wickes, holds 30 L which is the right amount for my water changes. Can fill with ro, add a pump and heater and add the salt.  I use D-D H2ocean salt so it does not take long to mix.

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Similar to NickNackUk - i use a big 'Really Useful' plastic tub to mix it (with a heater and powerhead in). I store mixed water and RO in dedicated 25L plastic jerry cans (bought from LFS)


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Similar to above, got a red sea reefer 250 so a 10% weekly water change into a 25 litre container is perfect for me, so i filter my RO straight into one of these.

For mixing got myself one of those large flexable gardening buckets from aldi (think 30 or larger litres).

When I get more or update the containers I'll be going for anti glug pourers, this would help when pouring RO into mixing bucket.

If your mixing bucket is near your tank you may want to consider a water pump to exchange water from that into your tank / sump.


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