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This is the first summer that i have had this (slightly) larger tank and i thought that the overheating issues i used to have with the fluval edge were a thing of the past, what with the larger amount of surface water open to the air.

Checked this afternoon and i was up to 27.5 degrees!!!!!

So have had a desk fan over the tank to bring it down a bit.  Anyone else seeing these types of swings or are you all using sensible cooling?


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used to have this problem. My old tank would get close to 30*C most days in the summer. freeze some bottles of RO and float them in the tank, then when they defrost, refreeze ( RO incase the bottles leak )


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with the hot weather we are having of late you will find that the extra temp rise you are having would be down Ambient temperature in a room is influenced by factors such as the weather, humidity, room insulation, equipment, people inside the room, cooling systems, heating systems, and other factors. we find a lot of this with higher than normal temps on our pc's and to combat this we open the sides up on the pc case and place fan's around it. is the same thing with our tanks


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Evap cooling works, I just have a household fan blowing across the top of the tank linked to my temp controller. It's a bit of a pain refilling the ATO every day though.

I keep meaning to find my old CPU watercooling block and make a peltier cooler.  Not sure how wise it is running the tank water through aluminium though.


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Yeah, tank is in my home office so its not a big room and remarkably well insulated.  So much so that i dont need the heating on in here in the winter.  Just me, the 2 laptops and the tank is enough to keep the room nice and warm with the door closed.

i didnt think it felt that warm in the house today, but clearly it was. 

Just dug up an old thread of mine from a similar issue with my edge


Guess i will have to bite the bullet now and get me a temp controller and a set of fans (since i followed Carols advice last time and upgraded tanks instead  :grin: )[size=78%].  I really dont want anything large since its an AIO tank and i cant hide it in the sump, so guess i will start with something like [/size]


And go from there. 


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