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As you have all noticed from various pictures I’ve posted I don’t have a sand bed in my tank ,
It’s a fine substrate bed approximately 3 inches deep , need this for wrasse etc etc ,
Question is this ???
I’m thinking of changing over to sand ,
Tanks been up and running over two years now so cycled nicely ,
I know it’s more of a cosmetic change , and it would come with possible repercussions , I do want to change over to sand though ,
Is it worth the change over , how easy would it be so less detrimental to livestock ,
I’ve had sand bed before in previous Tanks over the years but not actually done a change from substrate to sand .
What you reckon , and what advise you got .


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Personally I would leave alone Dave, unless I’m missing much I can’t see what difference changing the substrate will make?? Maybe it will look a-bit better?

Once you’ve weighed up the pro’s and con’s and the effort and mess I reckon there is very little benefit, unless I’m missing something glaringly obvious..

I’m assuming you have coral sand (crushed coral) at the moment?

I’ve had the same coral sand since starting tank five years back, i gravel vac it often and had sifting gobies in the past, keeping it pretty white.

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Yeah , think you’re right ,
I mean it’s not like it’s unsightly as is , and I know gravel beds let water flow through it better than sand , gravel also has its benefits over sand ,
When I bought the gravel it was listed as live sand , so crushed coral I presume like you say .
Think I’ll leave it be , knowing my luck I’ll change it all over for sand and make a right pigs ear and cause chaos and lose something or two ,
Think if it’s not broken don’t fix it , something like that , lol


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Coral sand acts as a buffer, so chemistry benefits over non-coral based substrates. Sand will be much finer (generally) than crushed coral, or gravel, and therefore provides WAY more surface area for bacteria. Be aware that removing your substrate is removing bacteria too. So, do it slowly. I'd move a load to the sump so you're not removing it immediately. Add the sand, let that establish over a few months, then remove the substrate from the sump bit by bit over a few weeks to ensure no spike.
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