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How much should the rowaphos be moving guys ? I have had mine running for 4-5 days and output is reading 0.5 is it time to change it out since it has come down from 3 or leave it for a bit ?, mine is moving similar to this


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That's perfect.  Should look like it's simmering.
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Cheers mate, I've read So many different opinions, I just didn't know some say just so the top part is slightly moving, others say simmering all the way through the media, At least I know I got it right

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A little tip for when to change your Rowa.
put a jug under the outlet from the reactor (you will have to lift the reactor for this) and collect some water, test the water with your phos test, assuming you're using a colour change test make a note of the reading, and leave the test for 30mins, once this time has passed check the colour again to see if you have a different reading, if your new result is worse then your media is on it's way out, depending on how much of a difference there is between the two readings this will tell you if the media needs changing sooner rather than later.
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