One of the most inappropriate fish tanks in the aquatic world

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Just found this and as much as I would like to say it's cool and how I would like one....but I'll let you make your own minds up and see if you feel disgusted like me.


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Yes great to see those fish so close up, water looks clear and the fish look fat and healthy, however , and i can only look at it as if it was me as i cant think like a shark or a ray , i do not think this is fair , they should be free in the ocean , buts thats what i would want with my people brain....

Does my tang feel stressed out too? does any fish ? Is it better for him because hes smaller?

I spose at the end of it is it right to keep anything captive for our pleasure...oh ffs ive gone into it too deep again havent i? ................. :undecided:

OK edit..i need chocolate that way i will stop thinking.......gotta be best excuse so far today  for chocolate.... :O
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Those poor sharks.
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I think there's a big difference to a yellow tang in a tank say 4ft plus to a 3ft shark in a 6ft tank.  At least the tang can get up to full speed and keep it going around the bend, in and out of the rock, etc.  Essentially, the tang can swim naturally.  There's no way those sharks can swim naturally.  They just about get to stretch out straight before they have to turn the corner.  Cruel!
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I was trying to be devils advocate, but you do make me feel better about the tang   :wink:

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that tank has soo much potential! shame really.
I might be back....



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