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Hi all. Im Isaac from spain. I have a nano reef of 10 gallons very hard to balance the water conditions but im very happy with this hobby. I hope to learn with all of youd  and teach about nano reefs.  I would like to show you my free reef app totally free without advertisement. Its an app with tools for our reefs and a great marine atlas of fish corals and invertebrates. Every week im going to do upgrades with better content ok? Its all for free. Its called fishandreefs on google play

Enjoy it!!!

This is my nano, the image is in dropbox:



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Welcome to the forum Issac!

Nice little Nano tank you have there and I like the look of your app.....but you'll have to do it on IOS for me  :cry:


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Im going to developing on ios. But meanwhile, you can check it out the web version:
The nano reefs are sooo difficult, but the results are amazing if we have patience with them :-D

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Welcome to ReefBase.
I should really sort this out!!


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