Neptune Apex leak detection module

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Hey fellow Reefers,

Just purchased a Neptune Apex system and bought the leak detection module. The attached picture shows the solid sensor. Following installation and testing it with a damp cloth which showed the sensor to be working correctly, I placed it on the base of my concrete floor below my tank. Unfortunately the metals used to construct these sensors are so delicate that even a cold, dry concrete floor can cause this corrosion. The corrosion has now caused the sensor to be unusable. Not good for  £35 sensor. Hoping to get a replacement free from Neptune. Just thought I would put this thread on here for any thoughts, reviews.


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Hi, @scott_tomkinson Welcome to ReefBase.

A few members have been discussing the Neptune Apex controllers very recently.

So that plugs into the expansion module, and networks to the main Apex controller? Is that the flat surface detector?

I'm wondering if the concrete in a high humidity environment would cause a reaction with that, is it nickel or tin, the traces on that board? Shouldn't really react with dry concrete, but moist might overtime.  :S
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Their products are good but way too expensive ... :(


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@reefloat is a flood detector something you could add to your product list? 
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Concrete has sand in it which probably has salt in it.
I should really sort this out!!


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