Moving tank & livestock to Austria

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Hi Everyone

Next Friday we leave for Austria and I'm just sanity checking the logistics of moving my 300l tank. I'm looking for any advice and a bit of sanity check of how I've planned the move.  I'm hoping this will help give me the best chance of moving it with as little as possible dying!

So firstly, I know I'm mad for going down this route.  I'm hoping experience and a Water Expert (hubby) will be my saviour.   Here is what I'm planning.

1.  I've got a removals firm who is coming to my house on the day I leave to load the tank, cabinet and sump. 
2.  Early morning, I'lll start breaking down.  All the rocks with corals will go in individual 20l buckets (5 of them)
3.  Smaller frags and the few fish I have I'll be bagging and putting in a polystyrene box obtained from LFS
4.  Remaining rock and sand will be going into a 150l bucket with a little bit of tank water.  I figure the sploshing around while driving will keep it mostly alive and moist.
5.  I have a power pack in the car to run bubblers and a huge heat pad that I'll be putting the buckets on. 
6.  I'll also be taking around 100l of tank water that I can use to setup my tank on the other side.
7.  I've arranged for another 350l of fresh mixed saltwater to be delivered on the day we get there.  250l for the tank and 100l for acclimation.
8.  The removals firm should arrive on the same day as we get there, so I'll be immediately setting up the tank and getting things running.

What I'm struggling with, is water temp of the fresh salt-water that side as it will be room temp (16 - 18 c).  To heat that many buckets of water will take time and many heaters....   Any suggestions?  How cold can the water be before I put fish and coral into it?  I'll obviously acclimate them but to get all that water up to temp will take at least another 24hours which may be too long....

And if you see anything I've missed please let me know!  And any other advice greatly appreciated.



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Can you make your own saltwater upon arrival to help speed up heating? If you boil RO water you can make batches of saltwater that are higher temp e.g 35-40 to help get other water to temp? Not sure whether logistics would work, but maybe an idea? I wouldn’t boil saltwater, although it may be fine (just gut feel to not do it).

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Thanks for your suggestion.  Unfortunately I won't have my RO unit until the following day and I need hubby to install it... I may try heating some saltwater though... 

Just asked my water expert (hubby) and he reckons doing it with small amounts of water should be fine.... But I'll test the water before adding it though.   Just to be sure.  I may even try it tomorrow when I do my water change...

Thanks again for the idea! 

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