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Coralline... How does yours mature/change over time?

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I have noticed that when I started my tank around a year ago the first coralline algae to grow was pink and green. Both colours were vibrant. As time has moved on the pink turned purple then to a dull dark purple and the green was mostly out competed and has turned a dull olive green.

I have a few spots of bright coralline again but notice they are on areas of rock which rescently introduced or moved have exposed rock which has never had coralline on. I also have one area where a yuma has walked away from babies and exposed bright pink coralline it was sitting on.

This leads me to believe that the lights are bleaching bright coralline to deeper and dull colours. Is this other people’s experience too?


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Pictures aren’t great but:
First is a new piece of rock I stuck a tiny freebie mini blue clove polyp to and its a bright yellow/green.

Second is pink coralline recently uncovered by my orange yuma moving away from baby yuma’s

Third is an example of deep purple I have on most of my rock.

Forth is olive green on rock at the bottom of the tank under my alveopora whuch was previously bright green.


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This is a picture of the pinks and greens when the coralline first started seeding off trochus snails I introduced with coralline on their shells.


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Hi paddone , I'd say that the different colours are definitely light oriented , I find the brightest bits , oranges , pinks mainly in quite dark areas of the tank , normally when I shift a rock etc . I think corraline growth and colour or sometimes lack of it could be due to excessive light . I've never really had much grow on the glass until recently which I think is the result of knocking back my lighting a bit . I now have a little growing on a couple of small areas on the base only . As far as my rock goes I also find better corraline coverage , mainly standard purple , on the rocks in not so bright areas of the tank .



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