Building works in the house next to aquarium

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Ok in a few weeks we are having a log burner installed in the fire place but work has to be done on the chimney before the fire can go in. Shall i move the tank to a different room or cover the arch with plastic to seal the tank in? In about 6months the tank will be closed down as i move all the fish and coral to there new home (bigger tank) in the next room. Trouble being is there is no where really it can go and sit for 6months untill the other is ready without pissing off the wife and moving the tank out the arch and then moving it back a week later am sure is not good for the tank?????
Any ideas welcome


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What a lovely alcove for the tank.

Can you get a cotton bedsheet and tape it around the alcove or drape it over the tank? It's breathable but should stop dust getting to it.
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