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Adding sand

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After a bit of tank has been running about 5 months now and is fully established....but fancy making my sand substrate a little bit deeper.  Anyone know a good way of doing rinsing the new sand and adding it to the tank around the estabished rock in place without messing my scape that I'm really happy with?


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Give it a good rinse in a bucket.
Get some sand in a jug and a tube that will go right to the bottom of your tank then tip small amounts down the tube in to a heap then spread it around. 



  • Graeme
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Yep, that's what I did in my previous tank.  Works great.  I also gaffer taped a cone (top of a coke bottle) to the top to make pouring the sand in easier.  I found the sand clumped up and didn't drop down the tube sometimes, so washed it down with a trickle of water from the tank.  Keep the tube sealed against the sand at the bottom, and then raise it once the new sand is washed down.  That way it doesn't just fly all over when it reaches the bottom.
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