yellow goby

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Got my little yellow goby he chills on the glass


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AWwwwwwwwwwww I love them Gobidon Okinawa  , they also come in green with red stripes and black and a variety of other colours too .

They live in and around the sticks of Acropora , strip the  flesh off and lay thier eggs there....

We had a Cowfish go tits up in the horsey tank and it  as Cowfish do started to kill the other fish so i had to whip mine out and just throw them in the stick tank  , where they proceeded to  strip the flesh off my Acropora and lay thier bloody eggs...

Great little fish tho IMO  , i think you could keep more than one as I did ,but ive always had them in realy big tanks.
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I like him @webby1981

I should hopefully have a new addition come Thursday  :silence:

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I love the watchman Gobbies, are they the ones you can pair up with shrimps?
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Another nice addition!
I should really sort this out!!


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I love the watchman Gobbies, are they the ones you can pair up with shrimps?
The one in the pic above is a clown goby.  But yes, watchmen gobies are the ones you can pair with a pistol shrimp.
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