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What friendly fish would you have in a softies only tank?

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  • Graeme
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Most of my LPS corals died when I had a flatworm outbreak.  I'm considering going softies only and adding some fish I couldn't previously have with LPS.  I need fish that was my eat my current stock. What would you add?

I have a 6x2x2, with the following stock:
Bubble tip anemone
Pair of clowns
Royal gramma
Banggai cardinal
2 x yellow tangs
Kole tang
Desjardini sailfin tang
Magnificent foxface


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Reply #1

well you know i added 2 x trigger fish to mine and then added more SPS but they have not been interested in them at all they content chomping rocks I think if you get any fish small enough then you will be fine.

If sticking to only soft corals then there some really nice angels out there that would be fine I did try an Emperor Angel in mine when I had all the SPS it was a fully grown adult but after it ate most of one of my favourite acro's it got evicted...

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Reply #2

Some wrasse to eat any pests . I fancy a majestic  angel still a risk though . .my flame is not touching softies


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