Royal Grammer Suicide

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Morning All,

So this morning I came down to feed the chaps in my tank, and unlike normal my Royal Gramma, Pete, was nowhere to be seen.

He is the oldest fish in the tank going on a year nearly now and had grown to a nice size. Anyway, upon looking round the side of the tank there he is on the floor stiff as cardboard. Is this normal for a Royal Gramma to jump? I know some fish are jumpers but I didn't think these were - just really perplexed after nearly a year that he would decide to go carpet surfing - and gutted too, he was a beautiful fish.



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any fish will jump if spooked. Some are more prone that others. I had to be careful when cleaning my tank as my firefish would jump into the filter box and my wrasse, on the floor! Lost count of how many times the wrasse has had to be picked up.


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that's a bugger, I put him in some salt water to see if there is any sign of life but nothing.

I have had not had my canopy on since the tank started, but I am guessing now murphys law does happen and as you say, any fish will jump and can jump. Ill consider putting it on


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You can sometimes bring a fish back from the brink of death by drawing it backwards through the water holding it by it's caudal fin, or holding it backwards in the effluent flow from a powerhead.

The water opens up their gills and gets fresh oxygenated water to them quickly. Doesn't always work, but does sometimes.

I remember when I was a kid out with my dad, we saw a guy catching a load of small fish and just dumping them on the ground to die or be eaten. We got them and most appeared lifeless, so we drawn them backwards a few times under water and more than half sprung into life and fired off.  :glad:
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Thanks mate, I have had a go at that and he has been in water all day - but he is lifeless, him mouth wide open like its frozen in time. I thing I need to let the little bugger go... he could have jumped out anytime from 10:30 last night - last time I saw him in there.

He has been in there 9 months, just no idea what might have made him jump out. He got on with Clownfish and Chomis - at least it looked like he did.


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I think the fish I've had go over the weir were due to lights being switched on in the dark room after lights off , I pulled my female clown off of the grate I had over the weir a couple of times before she went over for the last time and died .



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