Rogue Copperband

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I've recently added a Copperband to my tank.  I was expecting problems with fussy eating and timidity but within a week it was wolfing down mysis by the dozen and bossing the tank.  After a short while one of my small ocellaris mysteriously disappeared never to be seen again.  Shortly after I noticed that the other one's tail was ragged and half missing.  Today I spotted the copperband nipping at what remained of the tail and generally brutalisng the clown.  Is this normal, I read a lot before getting the CB and never came across this sort of behaviour. 

My LFS has a small Orchid Dottyback that I've got my eyes on.  I'm worried for it's safety.  Has anyone got any advice or experience of this sort of behaviour.




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Depending of the size of your tank you could add a member of the Tang family that will soon put the copperband in it's place

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Very odd for a CB.  They're normally very timid.
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