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 I'm new to the hobby and have purchased and set up a second hand red sea max reader 250. Been running about 9 weeks and levels going fine so added a few clean ups and a pair of maroon clowns. They been fine for last 2 week's. I went into a new live fish supplier today while out with family a fair distance from home. After discussing to guy behind counter my situation and stock in tank, I told him I liked the look of the orange banded pipefish to which he said would be fine in my tank. Being a distance from home and not seen them befor i made a purchase of 2. While on drive home I did some reading and feel I may have made a mistake and concerned they may not last in my tank with current inhabitants and being fairly newly set up. Any advice or knowledge on these pipefish would be appreciated


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You're right. Bad choice. The maroons are the most aggressive clowns, so perhaps should be added last. The pipefish are timid and need low flow generally, and can be hard to feed. I'd take them back, and consider taking the clowns back too - or maybe sump them and add them back in later.

Seems like you've had some poor advice. Remember shops are there to sell. Some really don't care. Others are excellent.
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