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Okay so i'm currently driving back from my local fish shop having just picked up a peacock wrasse, and after a quick google search i've found the fish to be an apparent "expert level only" fish. I'd like to bare in mind, i am a beginner, with a 175L (45 Gallon) tank with 2 clowns i've had for 6 months with no such issues. I asked a worker for advice on a beginner fish, and he pointed me to the wrasse claiming "its small, easy to care for and non aggresive. Just right for a beginner". Seeing as his statement totally contradicts the internets, can someone please tell me if this wrasse is a good idea, or if i should drive back to the shop as soon as possible and return the fish


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Technically, what he said to you is correct, but sounds like he was being economical with the truth. Ultimately, you can't trust advice given by someone who's selling you something. You've got to do the research in advance and ask on forums who aren't benefitting in any way from being economical with the truth, or outright lying.

A lot of the "expert only" fish means that they're almost impossible to keep well enough fed. I don't think these are among the most difficult to feed, but I'd want to see it eating in the shop before buying. If they either won't, or tell you it's already been fed today and won't be hungry, then I'd walk away.

Whether you return it or not is up to you. People buy mandarinfish and copperbanded butterflyfish in hope they can keep them alive, and some success while most don't. If you take it back, it'll be sold to someone else who'll likely have the same chance with it you've got.

It's a moral dilemma, do you enjoy the fish and do the best you can with it, or do you take it back in hope others do too and the LFS stops buying them in?

If you saw it feeding, then give it a go. A lot of wrasses are shy and will vanish for a while when you introduce it into your tank, so don't be surprised if you don't see it for the next week or two. Also make sure the tank is covered as it might jump out.
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I've a peacock leopard wrasse , I haven't had any bother with mine but as said feeding is normally the main issue , Did you start your tank with liverock or dryrock ? If the later it may be worth adding some copepods over the next couple of weeks , this will ensure there's something about to eat if it won't initially eat frozen , flake or pelleted foods . And as already said again it may dive into the sand bed and not come back out for a few weeks , this is quite normal .


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As above...but I'd stress the importance of a reasonable depth of sand bed. They do dive in, and so a shallow sand bed will mean it batters itself off the bottom of the tank.
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I have a Peacock Wrasse, i'm no expert and my tank is 110L, set up in Jan18. I was warned they jump but mine spends most of the time searching the sand for food, i do feed copopod's on a semi regular basis, set my watch by her every night as she dives into the sand to sleep everynight at 7.30pm then come 0830 she re appears great fish and mine seems very happy.


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I really would not worry its one of the easiest fish to keep we have had ,not so easy to catch though .

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I had 1 it jumped out with mesh fitted small gap at back grrr


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I had 1 it jumped out with mesh fitted small gap at back grrr

That’s frustrating, but keep in mind all the times the mesh prevented that happening before it managed to find a gap.  :heyyy:
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