My Tiger goby

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It's not out of the ordinary for the tiger goby to go unseen for a couple of days, after all it's a burrower, but about four days ago I noticed there was a wound on its bottom lip\jaw, but it had some food and buggered off again, gussed it must have bolted into one of its entries to it's burrow too quick and bumped it's self.
About an hour ago it came out from hiding and I'm shocked at the state of it, there is no flesh on the bottom lip\jaw, and just bone showing through, worst of all the bone appears to be broken, unless they hinge in the middle, any way there is a gap, there is also a red mark which appears to be under the skin just under its eye, it wants to take food but can't,  and it's belly looks empty,  I don't think it has long left.

Any ideas on how I could get food in it?

I think catching is out of the question, and I'm struggle to get a pic, the lights are on their way down and the goby buggers off every time I get close with my phone\camera.
I should really sort this out!!


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I've fed sick fish with a syringe before blowing thawed out frozen cube down into it's gut (It's actually much easier in a fish than other animals because there's no windpipe, the gills are either side and the only hole/pipe is the correct hole/pipe) but I doubt you can catch this fish and if you can, it's unlikely it's jaw is going to heal if the joint has detached (they do hinge in the middle, at the front).

If it's not catchable, I think you've just got to wait for nature to take it's course, I can't think of anything you could do at this point as I can't imagine it's jaw fixing itself.  :(
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Thanks, if I could catch it I would, even if I rip the tank apart, it'll be the last fish out, possibly my fastest fish!
I should really sort this out!!


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