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Hi all
My fluval Evo sea is on its way and while of course I won’t be putting livestock of any kind in until it’s fully cycled in about a month or so, I’ve started researching now what would be suitable.
I’d love some suggestions!

In terms of fish. I’m presuming 2 fish max in this size of tank (13.5 gallon) would be appropriate unless a third is a bottom dweller perhaps?

So far I’m thinking either:
1 royal gramma and 1 ocellaris
2 different varieties of dottyback
And as I said above if possible a yellow or neon blue goby.

Does that sound feasible? And are these fish compatible. Or any others I should consider?
Also I’d love some inverts. I’m thinking 1 hermit crab, 1 cleaner shrimp, 1 turbo snail. But again very open to suggestions on what would work best.

As for corals. I’ve never kept them before so I’m looking for something forgiving. Most likely all softies. However they need to be ones which are okay thriving under the LEDs that come with the tank (16watt 14000k colour temp).

So far the ones I like that seem suitable are:
Green star polyps
Xenia (particularly the pulsing kind)
I’m not a huge fan of Zoas but if I had them I’d probably put them on a small island. I’m more interested in the more flowing looking corals (if I can have them)

Suggestions for corals would be very welcome as I’ll be going scouting LFS soon and seeing what they have and it would be great to be able spot which would be appropriate for my lighting and low/moderate flow as I won’t have a wavemaker or anything.

Thanks in advance!


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You can get away with 3 or 4 fish in there, but keep them small.  Build it up slowly, and the rate at which your nitrates rise will tell you if you can be bothered with the water change regime needed to keep up or not.

Maybe look into cardinals as another option too. Royal grammars are great - bright and dart in and out of the rock. A pair of clowns would be fine - nice to see them interacting. Maybe a pistol shrimp + goby pair?

I'd avoid Xenia as it can grow very fast and be a nightmare to get rid of, if you ever wanted to (which a lot of people do). GSP is fine if you keep it isolated, or grow it up the glass - that can also spread easily. Look at kenya trees - I think you'll like them.
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Thanks Graeme!

Yeah I think I’ll start with two and see how I get on. I don’t want to just start with one as then he’ll think the tank belongs to him and may not get on so well with new occupants as they arrive. But by the same measure I don’t want to add all at once and put pressure on the system early on.
Not a fan of the cardinals personally but the pistol shrimp is very cool - even if the one big claw makes me concerned!

The Kenya tree coral is lovely! I’ve actually seen a couple at the LFS but didn’t know what they were called - also didn’t know what they looked like when they are healthy! As the ones I’ve seen have all looked very floppy and pale so probably not a good place to get them from! Maybe I’d be able to get a frag online perhaps.

Shame about the Xenia! That was my favourite. Just like the way it pulses but don’t want to be overrun!


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