Adding anthias after tangs - bad idea?

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So, I want some anthias that seem to be hard to get ahold of.  I've been waiting months, and only once were some avaialble, but they were not in good condition.
I'm happy to keep waiting, but I also want to add a Yellow and a Kole tang.
I've always read you should add fish in order of least aggressive first.  The anthias are pretty shy, so the tangs were always planned to go in last.  I already have a foxface, beggai cardinal, royal gramma, madarin and a pair of perc clowns.  I doubt any of them will be a problem.
Should I keep waiting for the anthias, or do you think it would be ok to add them after the tangs? 

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Tough one, part of me says you should wait, and the other says it should be ok! Play it safe.
I should really sort this out!!


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