What's damaging my corals?????

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A few weeks ago I found my acan frag on the sand bed with two of the polyps having been torn from the skeleton. Today I have found my frogspawn coral skeleton in the rock work where it's always been but the heads have somehow detached and in the sand below despite appearing in good health yesterday. Has anyone got any ideas what could be causing this? I previously suspected my tuxedo urchin.

Stock is 2x Picasso clowns, mccoskers flasher wrasse, silver belly wrasse, purple firefish, sunspot goby with pistol shrimp, cleaner shrimp, conch, trochus snails, red leg hermits, red starfish (fromia?).

Any help greatly appreciated!


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My parameters are:
pH 8.0
Phosphate 0.03
Trite 0
Trate 5
Ammonia 0
Magnesium 1320
Calcium 470
KH 11.5
My SG is slightly higher than I usually keep it. I normally keep it at 1.025 but it's reading 1.027 - unsure why - could this be a factor?


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I've just removed the frogspawn and have found a white creature that looks a bit like a maggot and some thin, long worm-like marks but they're hard to the touch.


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fan worms ( Feather dusters ), harmless filter feeders



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Hi the tube looks like a worm, the white blob could be a pineapple sponge, both of wich are harmless.
How olds your tank?
Frog spawn can be very sensitive, if they don't like were they are the heads will bail out of the skeleton and settle somewhere else and make a new one. In a reef tank the head just dies.
To much flow or water conditions will make them bail out.

The acan could be a crab, did you use live rock?




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Flat worms maybe?


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It could possibly be your cleaner shrimp, I remember mine chopping bits off my frogspawn when feeding.
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Thanks everyone. My tank finished cycling in August 2016. I used what my lfs called real reef rock. I've had the frogspawn for around 5-6 months and I've never noticed a problem with it. My acan wasn't glued down and my urchin had picked it up before so I thought perhaps it had done it again and the damage was maybe from it beong dragged around the tank.


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