sick looking toadstool

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hi, all I need some advice on a toadstool coral which  I inherited about 6 months ago it has got tall and top-heavy as per photo I have been told that I should cut it near the base and mount the to part on a small rock this sounds a bit drastic will it survive such action as I don't want to lose it as the other toadstools hare doing really well it's just this one and 1 other that as got top-heavy or should  I just let it be I'm nervous of cutting them as I have never done this sort of thing before hence the request for help also how do you fix the top part to a rock? thank in advance for any advice .IMG_20191229_172854


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It will survive, as they're pretty hardy. If it creases, it'll be hard to recover it. Maybe there's too much flow in that spot for it?
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thanks, I don't think its to much flow probably not enough as I have increased the flow as an experiment and it seems to be better at least it is starting to put its polyps out so I am hoping for the best will keep you all posted.



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