Coral placement

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Evening All,

So had a query about corals attached to live rock. I have a small mixture of corals in my tank and slowly over time will build up, the most noticeable my torch coral that seems to be growing like wildifire.

My LFS sold me some putty to attach them to the live rock which is as solid as it gets now.

My question is, as time goes on will I need to frag my coral if it grows and takes over such as my torch? And if I do, how would I ever go about doing that when they are solidly fixed?

I have some turquoise acropora turning up Wednesday and if fixing it causes a permanent placement wondering if I should putty it down? Or would I have to frag as they grow within limits?


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I have found putty will keep them in place but if you ever wanted to move them you can use a little flat head screwdriver under the putty to get it off the rock with coral attached to it



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Well I dont say im right but as far as real hard corals go I just break off the offending pieces as you would prune a tree or bush. Putty them on a piece of rock . With LPS thier a bit more messy. I belive you have to saw thru them?

I never putty my frags in untill im sure thier happy where they are,when they first come they go on the sand bed to aclimatise ,then I gradualy move them up till thier more or less happy.
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Just be aware a torch at night can send out some massive sweepers and will batter most things in the area it touches.

Some SPS will happily live side by side and will have there own mutual ground around them however I have a horn coral and that's worse then chucky the doll very aggressive and has battered most that encroach on it.

So it all depends on what's growing near what will depend if you have to break up arguments.


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Cheers all, some good advice there!

I think my torch will more than likely be like Chucky too... it's doubled in size just about in the short time I have had it  :lol:



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