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Neutered Fish

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Im curious over something. About two years ago we bought 7 bog standard Rams. Not being bothered about the ratio of boys to girls we should have had one pair at least.

However we have an assortment of body types but they all seem almost intersex . Im speculating as in the past having bred lots of Dwarf Cichlids the hormones tend to limit the development of other males in a fry tank. Is this something done by fish farms to get bigger better growth earlier?

Or just maybe Ive just got some pretty poor Rams lol.


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There are some fairly poor quality rams out there as with many fish now - but I dont think to the extent you are thinking here. If you send pics I’ll happily try and sex them for you / give my opinion.
Bossed freshwater planted tanks so making the move...



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Yes you can say the rams out there are the poorest Ive ever seen and thats going back to the sixties. Its very kind of you to offer to sex them. But we have actually bred trops commercially in the past. The offer is appreciated.  :kiss:


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